Whether you’re a WordPress follower or a Facebook friend, I need YOUR help!

I’ve been posting to this blog for about two months now. I started with my Ben & Jerry review videos (which I have not given up on, I promise), and then started creating writing-focused posts. I really enjoy doing both and plan to continue for as long as I can. But I need to change something…

I need ideas from you!

I’ve realized that my blog doesn’t seem to have a recurring theme or topic. Admittedly, I don’t really have the self-control to focus all of my posts on one certain thing; my attention bounces from place to place and I generally am intrigued by something completely different every few weeks or so. So, I figure the next best option after having a themed blog is having a blog that engages and talks to readers!

With this short post I simply want to ask for some ideas and writing topics for my future blog posts.

  • What’s on your mind?
  • What topic are you curious about reading on?
  • Do you want to read a short story about a giraffe and a rambunctious pineapple?
  • Are you looking for a different perspective on something?

My point is that, while I can continue writing based on my interests and passions, I think it would be a lot of fun (and potentially very valuable) to ask readers what they want to be reading about in the first place.

If you’ve got any ideas, suggestions, demands, etc., please let me know via a comment or a message, or really whatever (send me a letter if you want!). If I get a lot of responses I can’t promise to fulfilling all of them, but I’ll do my very best.
Thanks for the read 🙂

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