Today I went back to take a look at one of my Ben & Jerry’s Review videos with the intention of editing out a few words that may be offensive to some people. I gave it a solid effort but after fifteen minutes I couldn’t figure out how to edit audio and said to hell with it– excuse my language, I mean to heck with it…

You see, I’ve always been one of those people that wants everyone to like them and doesn’t ever want to screw up. So I figure I should probably edit out all the “sh*t” and F-words from my videos in hopes that I will make absolutely everyone happy. The problem is that I definitely say those words as a part of my every day vernacular, and would feel worse coming off like a hypocrite with a perfectly clean mouth.

Let’s be honest, if someone’s biggest problem is having to hear me say a four letter word starting with “F” then I’d say their life is pretty golden. I totally understand people taking offense when swear words are used to insult or hurt other people, that’s no good for anyone involved. But I personally think it’s all in good fun to drop an F-bomb time and again, as long as it’s not at the expense of another person.

I suppose this is just a very short post declaring to myself two things: 1) I am never going to make EVERYONE happy, not today or tomorrow or ever, and, 2) most words are just words, and their meaning should be based within the context that they are used. If someone gets upset with me saying “This is some f*cking good Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream,” or “Phish Food is the sh*t!” then I can conclude that they either have nothing more important to be upset about or that they simply have never tasted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Danny P Writes

P.S. I suppose I also wouldn’t condone swearing in front of small children, it’s just distasteful.

P.S. (p.s.) There are also certain words that are either oppressive to a group or reclaimed by a culture and should not be used by certain people.