1. Why do we so often wait until after a person has died to realize how much we appreciate and love them?

2. Why do we think so much about the future, something that’s 100% fabricated in our own imaginations?

3. Who, what, and where is god/God?

4. Why do we put so much of our focus on differences between people than on similarities between them?

5. Why does this country invest so much money into our prison system as opposed to education and schools?

6. What is the point in competitive independence if we have no one by our side to share our successes with?

7. Why is it so damn hard to make good friends after childhood?

8. Why do we always care so much about what other people are doing?

9. Why are we so obsessed with sharing and showing off our lives via social media?

10. Why do we struggle so much with legitimate, romantic, committed relationships?

11. Why are we so motivated by materialistic desires?

12. What happens when we die?

13. Is there really any point in being afraid of death?

14. Why do we turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice until it personally affects us?

15. Why does “work” have to be a bad thing?

16. Why do we make everything so much more complicated than it has to be?

17. Why are we afraid to fall in love?

18. Why does our world have to be so divided?

19. When will I figure out what I am meant to do with my life?

20. What am I really good at?

21. Why do we try to fix everything with pills and pharmaceuticals?

22. Why are we so addicted to food that is bad for our bodies and health?

23. When will the government catch up to the needs and desires of a majority of our society?

24. Why do we find the need to have the upper-hand on other people?

25. Am I what I perceive myself to be or what others perceive me to be?

26. Why do we overlook the positives in life and then spend all of our energy complaining about the little things?

27. Why are many of us conditioned into a negative or worrisome mindset?

28. Why don’t we search for answers to the questions that are really important?

Danny P Writes