After spending four months in Europe, three and a half of which were spent living in Dublin, Ireland, I must say that the cliché is true: my life has changed and I, more or less, am a different person because of my time abroad.


It has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog– a few months I think… Admittedly I feel guilty about this, mostly because I could have probably been finding the time to create blog posts but just didn’t. A lot has changed in the last five months, and I think I’ve just needed some time to process everything. When people talk about culture shock being tough, they aren’t lying– it hit me like a brick wall, even in another English speaking country that is, in some ways, like the United States.

Something else that is tough but that isn’t talked about very often is the reverse culture shock experienced when returning home. This hit me hard too, and is still sort of hitting me as I process all of the changes within myself and in the environment around me. The way I look at it, I’ll be experiencing reverse culture shock for a long time, or until I am able to process everything that happened during my “adventures abroad”. An advisor in my Study Abroad office told me that she hadn’t stopped processing her abroad trip until about 15 years after the fact, so it looks like I have quite some time left.

With my future blog posts, which will hopefully be much more frequent than they have been, I hope to explore many things that I’ve learned from my experience abroad, as well as continue with topics I’ve already begun.

I also have big plans for more Ben & Jerry’s ice cream review videos! I haven’t made one for quite some time but do not be mistaken in thinking that I haven’t been eating any Ben & Jerry’s in that time– I most certainly have been. In fact I had the utmost privilege of being served ice cream by Ben Cohen himself! It was a decadent scoop of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and it was quite possibly the best scoop of ice cream I have ever eaten, a solid 10/10.

That’s it for this blog post, short and sweet– just a small (somewhat half-assed) effort to get my foot back in the door of blogging. Thanks for the read, there’s lots more to come (and ice cream!)