I’ll begin this post by being straightforward about my political stance: I fully support Bernie Sanders and will back him and– more importantly– the grassroots political movement that he has started until either we have won or I have died (if you could not already tell by my social media posts, I am very much feeling the Bern).


With that out of the way, I’ll now get into what this post is all about. The democratic race has already begun to get very heated between Bernie and Hillary, and the big-money media sources have stuck themselves to it like leeches. Whether this be good or (cough cough) BAD is not my place to say; the big-money media sources deserve their own blog post in my opinion. The only point I wish to make today is that this political polarization in the Democratic race is no good, for anyone.


I cannot speak confidently on the side of Hillary’s campaign as I’ve not followed it extremely closely, but I can say that for Bernie’s side this argumentation and “Fight” that we see created by the media is no good. It is the sort of thing that I believe Bernie’s movement directly opposes. From day one, Bernie’s campaign has made a point of not releasing negative statements and content directed at the other parties; his goal has been, very simply, to tell people the truth– or at least his version of the truth which I, for one, share wholeheartedly.

So, what does this have to do with the media?

As always happens, the media has turned this democratic race into a very black-and-white issue. It has become some sort of good vs. evil, which is an inaccurate way to look at it regardless of who you support. I admit fully to sharing my political opinions with my close friends, and debating with them where the conversation calls for it, but I do not believe this one side vs. the other illustration is good for either side.

Both parties are unfairly represented and people on both sides are getting lost in the heat of argument with one another. This heat was even seen between Hillary and Bernie themselves during the last Democratic debate. I think we are all getting very distracted by the media’s portrayal of this race, and it is not helpful to anyone’s political interests– except the big-money interests of course.

Bernie’s campaign specifically is set up to reveal this side of the media for what it really is, and as we can see it has been used to support the very thing it opposes. Even if Bernie is being painted in a very nice light by the media most of the time we need to see that this is not beneficial. It is the media enforcing their power over all of us, without us even noticing.

I think it’s vital, regardless of which party we support, that we disregard the media’s over-dramatic and exaggerated illustration of political events. They are not fully accurate in portraying either Hillary or Bernie, and that is not going to change. The content being produced by the media is doing nothing but fueling anger and hate in both camps, and this is distracting away from the real issues.

My sum up of this blog post is very simple: the public polarization of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not helpful to either cause, regardless of which one you support. I will speak only on the side of Bernie when I say that this type of media portrayal is exactly what he and his movement stand against. The exaggeration and the anger in media content regarding the race is not the truth. Even so, it is manifesting itself in both political camps and in the candidates themselves. When speaking on our views of the candidates and their stances on issues, let’s work to talk positively about our side as opposed to dropping hate-speech about the other. I must admit again that I am also guilty of this, and need to work on it myself.

I hope this post has done justice to both sides in saying that our fights and heated arguments with one another will do nothing but further polarize Bernie and Hillary, and also their respective camps of supporters. Do work to support and build up your candidate as opposed to tearing down the other.


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